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Tests for radiation safety

The laboratory performs:

  • radiation control over exported products (measurements of specific activity of radionuclides 137Cs and 134Cs in mushrooms and berries) with issuing of passport and export radiation safety certificate;
  • measurements of specific and volumetric activity of radionuclides 137Cs and 90Sr in food Raw materials, food stuffs and potable water;
  • measurement of total radionuclides alpha- and beta activity in potable water;
  • extended radiochemical analysis of potable water for the content of natural radionuclides;
  • measurements of specific and volumetric activity of radionuclides 137Cs and 90Sr in agricultural raw materials and stem;
  • determination of specific effective activity of natural radionuclides in construction materials and products;
  • measurement of density of the ionizing alpha- and beta-particles flux from surfaces of textile materials, leather and natural fur;
  • preparation, organization and carrying out of interlaboratory comparisons;
  • producing and metrological attestation of control samples and reference materials for carrying out interlaboratory comparisons and control over radiation measurements quality.

Testing laboratory of radiation metrology of the BelGIM

accredited by Gosstandart in the Accrediutation System of the Republic of Belarus according to ISO/IEC 17025

cooperates with the network of analytical laboratories for radiation measurements ALMERA

participates in IAEA and COOMET programs

Tests of food and agricultural products

Tests performed:

  • chemical,
  • chromatographic of all types,
  • sensory,
  • physical,
  • atomic absorptive,
  • genetical,
  • physical and chemical,
  • microbiological,
  • enzymic.

Determined components:

  • toxic elements,
  • pesticides of different classes,
  • metabolites of microorganisms, developing in products (microtoxins, aphlatoxins, patulin, desoxyvanilrnol, zearapenon),
  • food additive agents,
  • main nutritive materials (vitamins, carbohydrates, lipids, sugar, amino acids, alcohols, fats),
  • fatty-acid compound of products,
  • antibiotics,
  • dies,
  • control over the content of genetically modified sources in products,
  • resin, nicotine, carbon monoxide in tobacco products

Laboratory for testing of food stuffs, food raw materials, tobacco, perfumery and cosmetic products

accredited in the Accreditation System of the Republic of Belarus;

the only laboratory in CIS countries, that is included in the International Register of accredited testing laboratories;

accredited in the German Accreditation System in the filed of tests DAP

Tests justify and guarantee the products safety and quality

BelGIM performs the following tests:

  • Measurement instruments,
  • Medical equipment,
  • Household electrical equipment,
  • Toys,
  • Clocks,
  • Construction materials and products,
  • Tare, package,
  • Food and agricultural products,
  • Food stuffs,
  • Agricultural raw materials and stem,
  • Potable water,
  • Perfumery and cosmetics,
  • Household chemical goods,
  • Tobacco goods

When performing tests it is guaranteed:

  • Truthful information on products under control,
  • Highest quality of all services provided,
  • Objectivity,
  • Congeniality,
  • Independence of assessment

Tests are carried out by the BelGIM subunits:

scientific research testing center (accreditation certificate of the Republic of Belarus BY/112;

laboratory for food stuffs and food raw material testing (accreditation certificate of the Republic of Belarus BY/112; accreditation certificate Germany D-PL-14227-01-00;

testing laboratory of radiation metrology (accreditation certificate BY/112

Tests of measurement instruments and equipment

    The Center performs the following tests:
  • for withstandability of the products to climatic and mechanical dynamical influences
    • heat, cold, humidity,
    • vibration,
    • shock,
    • transportation imitation
  • on verification of the level of shells protection against water and solid objects penetration
  • for electrical safety
    • electrical strength of insulation resistance for current-carrying bridges determination of short-circuit current breakdown influence of external magnetic field heating
  • For electromagnetic compatibility
    • withstandability to electrostatic discharges, applied to the case of the equipment tested,
    • withstandability to nanosecond interferences in the equipment power supply circuits,
    • withstandability to dynamic changes of the voltage in the equipment power supply circuits,
    • withstandability to microsecond impulse interferences of the high energy in the equipment power supply circuits,
    • tests by impulse voltage,
    • emission of harmonic constituents in the current ,
    • voltage variations and flicker doses ,
    • withstandability to the conductive interferences, generated by radio-frequency electromagnetic fields
  • Scientific research testing center of BelGIM accredited:
    • for independency and technical competence in accordance with STB ISO/IEC 17025

    The Center (NICICIiT) is included in the Common register of certification bodies and testing laboratories (centers) of Custom Union


State registers of measuring instruments

  • The Center has:
    • special permission (license) that gives to it the right to perform activity for fire safety ensuring
  • performs:
    • measurements of pre-packages quantity,
    • tests on majority of European standards that corresponds to the EC Directives
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