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BelGIM is the head organization for creation and maintaining of standard base of the Republic of Belarus

National system of unity measurements assurance (SUMA) of the Republic of Belarus is based on legal national system of units of measurements and national standards.

The works on creation of standards base are performed within the framework of state scientific technical programs

Main purposes of the works on creation of standards base of the Republic of Belarus:

  • assuring of measurement uniformity,
  • improvement of competitiveness of products manufactured by national manufacturers by increasing accuracy and reliability of measurement results,
  • reduction of loss due to mistakes in computing and calculation operations,
  • assurance of mutual confidence in regard to measurement results as in the Republic, as well as in international cooperation with other countries,
  • assistance to the development of priority directions of fundamental and applicative research and development of new perspective directions in the field of device making, machinery engineering, radioelectronics and other fields

BelGIM participates in realization of Agreement of mutual recognition of national standards as well as measurement and calibration certificates, issued by National Metrologic Institutes (CIPM МRA), that is signed by NMIs from 50 countries.

The result of BelGIM participation in the Agreement  CIPM MRA is the publication of information of the BelGIM calibration and measurement capabilities (СМС) in the database, maintained by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) that is publicly available through the Internet at (www.bipm.org).

In order to obtain international recognition of national standards and CMC all accuracy characteristics of standards are confirmed by the results of international comparisons.

Republic of Belarus takes part in international comparisons with national metrological institutes of following countries:
Russia (VNIIM, UNIIM, «VNIIM D. I. Mendeleev», VNIIOFI, VNIIFTRI, IMVP); Ukraine (UkrCSM, KGNIIM, Ukremetrteststandart); Poland (GUM); France (BNM¬LNE), Slovakia (Institute of metrology), Germany (Physical and technical institute)

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