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National standard of the magnetic induction unit - Tesla within the range (0,05–2,0) Тl

The standard is produced and is in operation since 2000

Standard composition:

  • electromagnet EM 00.00.000;
  • the source of constant current supply to electromagnet IST-1 IPF 418.111.001 with NMR stabilizer;
  • updated magnetic inductometer Ш1-1M;
  • frequency meter Ч3-34A

Metrological characteristics:

  • Magnetic induction range from 50 mTI to 2 TI;
  • standard deviation of measurement results — 0,0004 %;
  • combined error at measurement dimension n=10 and confidence coefficient Р=0,99 makes up 0,0035 %

Sources of traceability:

Ukraine, National Science Center «Institute of Metrology», State primary standard of the magnetic induction unit (DETU 08-01-95)

Scope of application:

in the fields of industry and in basic research, related to priority directions of science and technology development securing unity of corresponding measurements in

  • agriculture;
  • food industry;
  • processing industry;
  • medicine

Standard secures reproduction, storage and transfer of magnetic induction unit of constant magnetic field. It is used to transfer of magnetic induction unit to standards of lower classes, working teslameters and gauges of magnetic induction by means of direct comparison and direct measurements methods.






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