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Principal fields of activity of the RUI "BelGIM":

  • Carrying out of fundamental and application scientific research in the field of measurements unity assurance;
  • Development, investigations, maintaining, storage and comparisons of the national and primary standards;
  • Research in the field of dissemination of the physical magnitude units value;
  • System research on development of legal, economic and organizational base of metrological activity, including the activity of the State Metrological Service, development of the corresponding organizational and methodical documents;
  • Development and investigation of new methods and measurement instruments, reference materials as well as verification gasb mixtures;
  • Certification and State tests of measuring instruments with the aim of their type approval;
  • Verification of measuring instruments and calibration of measurement equipment;
  • Development and metrological attestation of appropriateness of measurements performing methods as well as software means for measuring processing and automation;
  • Development of technical normative legal acts for measurements unity ensuring, including methods for test, verification and calibration;
  • Metrological examination of the drafts of normative technical documents, as well as scientific technical programs and projects;
  • Certification of products, services, personnel as well as quality management systems;
  • Tests of food, agricultural and other products;
  • Information services for metrology, accreditation, standardization and certification;
  • State surveillance over standards, measuring instruments, as well as on the quality of raw materials, component utilities and complete products;
  • Development of training programs and methodical materials for professional education of metrological staff.
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