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National standard of the grain and grain products humidity unit

The standard was established and is in operation since 2010

Standard composition:

  • vacuum and heating devices VD 23;
  • laboratory mill LM 3303;
  • a device for grinding grain and grain products;
  • weight-measuring set;
  • a set of additional equipment;
  • a set of accessory equipment

Metrological characteristics:

  • the range of measurement of grain and grain products humidity – from 5 to 45%;
  • residual bias of measurement – 0,14%;
  • random component of measurement accuracy (standard deviation of the measurement results) – 0,01%;
  • expanded uncertainty – 0,04%

Sources of traceability:

FSUE «URIM» (Russia), State primary standard of the units of mass fraction and mass concentration of humidity in solid substances and materials GET 173-2008

 Scope of application:

  • metrological securing of high-precision humidity meters and their calibration;
  • agro-industrial enterprises of the Republic

The standard of the grain and grain products humidity unit was created in order to satisfy the demand of enterprises of the Republic in high-precision measurements of humidity of grain, grain legumes and oil-bearing plants, their seeds and products after processing (flour, cereals), storage and transfer of the humidity unit with the help of certified natural samples of grain and grain products (standard samples).


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