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National standard of magnetic induction for alternate magnetic field

Developed and operated since 2015

Standard composition:

  • Source of induction of alternate magnetic field, (1·10-7 - 2·10-2) Tl;
  • Generator G3 – 118;
  • Low-frequency power amplifier UM-503;
  • Measuring coil of magnetic induction М 503.10
  • Measuring coil of magnetic induction IKE;
  • Frequency meter C3-34;
  • Electrical resistance box Р 4834;
  • Multimeter Agilent 34410А;
  • Multimeter Agilent 34411А;
  • Shielded chamber,
  • Capacitor unit.

Metrological characteristics:

  • Range of magnetic induction where the unit is reproduced: from 1•10-7 to 2•10-2 Tl;
  • Overall error at confidence probability Р=0,99 and number of measurements n=10 

    • Within the range from 1•10-7 to 1•10-3 Tl does not exceed 5%;
    • Within the range from 1•10-3 to 2•10-2 Tl does not exceed 1 %;

Sources of traceability:

Russia, FGUP “VNIIM – D.I.Mendeleyev “, National primary standard of the units of magnetic quantities (GET 12-91).


In industrial fields, at manufacturing and use of magnetic materials in scientific researches, medicine, technical diagnostics and non-destructive control


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