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+375 17 33-777-99 (единый справочный номер БелГИМ)
+375 17 28-809-38 (Fax)
  Contact Information:
Starovilensky Trakt, 93, Minsk, 220053;
phone/fax: 8 10 375 17 233-58-39,
e-mail: provider@belgim.by

About PT Provider

   In accordance with the Decree of the State Committee of Standardization of the Republic of Belarus № 7 of 23.02.2011, BelGIM is appointed as a Proficiency testing Provider.In accordance with the Order of the State Committee of Standardization of the Republic of Belarus № 19 of 08.02.2017, the Belarusian State Institute of Metrology is authorized for carrying out Proficiency testing schemes.

PT Provider BelGIM

   The Research Department of Interlaboratory Comparisons BelGIM carries out the organization and conduct of PT schemes and other interlaboratory comparisons.

Top-manager of  PT Provider – Hurevich Valeri
Deputy of Top-manager of  PT Provider – Bakovets Nikolai (+375 (17) 233-24-24)
Head of Scientific and Research Department of Interlaboratory Comparisons – Naidenava Vera (PTprovider@belgim.by)

Infomation for participants of Proficiency testing

      PT Provider BelGIM organizes Proficiency testing schemes in accordance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17043:2010 Conformity assessment – General requirements for proficiency testing.

application to PT schemes
PT schemes plan for 2018

PT schemes for testing laboratories
Coordinators of the PT schemes

Groups PT schemes
Radionuclides and ionizing radiation
Labor protection, ventilation tests and other physical factors
Leonid Zuyevskiy Svetlana Gritsel Olga Vasilevich Svetlana Smagina


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