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National standard of the airflow velocity unit

Developed and operated since 2018



  • Aerodynamic installation that comprises:
    • fan;
    • air ducts;
    • aerodynamic angles;
    • preparation chambers;
    • camera;
    • two cell flow straighteners;
    • gaging nozzle (confusor);
    • diffusers;
    • metallic frame;
    • pressure regulator;
    • input nozzle;
  • pressure tube Pitot in the set with transducers of differential pressure and the system for flow calculation and control;
  • thermoelectric anemometer, type 8455-300-1, with  the system for flow calculation and control;
  • transducers of absolute pressure, temperature and humidity af the medium under measurement,
  • 3-dimensional positioning system,
  • LDA system, type flowPOIN.

Metrological characteristics:

Nominal values, range

Name of the standard


Value (or value range) of
the unit value size,
reproduced by the standard


error, Q

error, S

Instability, ν
reproduction transfer reproduction transfer reproduction transfer

National standard of the

airflow velocity unit

from 0,1 to 50 m/s 0,17 0,17 0,007 0,007 0 0

Random error of reproduction   0,007

Non-excluded systematic error   0,17

Ovearll standard uncertainty   0,5

Expanded uncertainty (coverage factor k=2)


  • environment monitoring, polluants emission control and control of atmospheric air quality,
  • In the systems of conditioning, heating and ventilation,
  • for sanitary, ecologic and technical surveillance in living and production premises,
  • to ensure safe work on lifts, garrets, hoisting cranes and other objects equipped with devices of emergency wind protection,
  • in mines and pits of all categories at the enterprises in chemical and mining industry,
  • in aviation,
  • for metrological measurements,
  • for attestation of working places,
  • during aerodynamic tests

Diameter of output section of gaging nozzle: 450 mm

 Traceability – PTB (Germany)



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