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Standard complex for metrological assurance of the ultrasound medical equipment

The standard was established and is in operation since 2013


  • Ultrasonic power measuring instrument UPMDT-1AV No 2415;
  • Multipurpose phantom ATS 570 No 21204208 (with additional reflectors for cavity probes);
  • Multipurpose phantom ATS 539 No 21205217;
  • Specialized phantom for high-frequency probes ATS 551 No 21204209;
  • Specialized phantom for quality check of the image displayed by the scanner ATS 532 B No 21107402;
  • Portable Doppler Phantom Gammex 1430 LE № 805204-3839-6;
  • Measurement setup for velocity of ultrasound waves УИСУ-3 No 1;
  • Measurement setup for attenuation of ultrasonic waves ALPHA-02 No 1;
  • Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Epoch XT No 091298811;
  • Generator-receiver 5077PR No 110207310;
  • Immersion bath, adjustable;
  • Set of ultrasonic transducers;
  • Computer;
  • Accompanying documentation including documentation for complete system and for each of its parts

Metrological characteristics:

  • Ultrasonic power: from 0,5 W to 12 W;
  • Measurement error: ±12%;
  • Frequency measurement range: from 0,5 MHz to 10 MHz;
  • Ultrasound velocity: from 1000 km/s to 2000 km/s;
  • Measurement error: ± 0,3%;
  • Ultrasound attenuation coefficient: 0,5 dB / (cm · MHz);
  • Measurement error ± 0,05 dB / (cm · MHz).

Sources of traceability:

  • Belarus, BelGIM, State standard of time unit (Second), frequency unit (Hertz) and time scale;
  • Russia, FSUE “VNIIFTRI”, State standard of ultrasonic power in water (GET 169 200)

Scope of application:

public health:

  • measurements of ultrasonic power as a critical acoustic safety parameter of ultrasound medical (therapeutic and diagnostic) equipment;
  • checks of features and consumer properties of the ultrasonic scanners (quality of image of test object, measurement of its geometry) and assurance of blood flow measurements;
  • checks of acoustic characteristics of tissue imitators used as test materials
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