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National standard of the length unit in the field of measurements of the deviation parametrs for form and disposition of revolution surfaces

Developed and operated since 2014 

Standard composition:

  • Roundness gage Talyrond 565, «Taylor Hobson®» (UK) including:
  • Roundness measure, diameter 50 mm;
  • Glass plate, diameter 50 mm;
  • Standard cylinder, height 500 mm;
  • Inductive sensor Talymin 5;
  • Calibration set for sensor;
  • Standard probe with ball diameters of 1, 2, 4 mm;
  • 6-cam clamp cartridge;
  • Ultra Roundness Software.

Metrological characteristics:

Name of characteristic Value of characteristic

Measurement range for coordinate axes




from 0 to 200 mm

from 0 to 500 mm
Sensor measuring range ±1,0 mm
Limits of overall radial error

± (0,015 + 0,0003·H) mcm,

Where Н – height above table, mm
Limits of overall axial error

± (0,02 + 0,0003·R) mcm,

Where R – radius from table center,

Sources of traceability:

Russia, FGUP «VNIIFTRI», National special standard of the length unit in the field of measurement of the deviation parameters for form and disposition of revolution surfaces GET 136-88.

Scope of application:

  • Testing, verification and calibration laboratories;
  • Machinery engineering;
  • Instrument making.
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