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National standard of thermal conductivity unit

The standard is created and is in operation since 2014

Standard composition:

  • Standard installations А1 and А2.
  • Thermal conductivity measures, single, from foamed polystyrene “Penoplex” МТО 01.01.006 (4 pieces);
  • Thermal conductivity measures, single, from organic glass (GOST 17622-72), МТО 01.01.001 (4 pieces);
  • Thermal conductivity measures, single, lamellar KVG-1 (10 pieces);
  • Thermal conductivity measure, multi, МТО 01.01.010 (1 piece).

Standard installation composition:

  • Module of central and safety heaters;
  • Fluid thermostat LAUDA PROLINE RP 845;
  • Multimeter KEITHLEY 2700;
  • Small modular power system Agilent Technologies N6700В;
  • Regulators-meters of temperature POLIKON 812.

Metrological characteristics:

  • range of reproducibility of thermal conductivity from 0,02 to 5,0 W/(м∙K);
  • temperature range from 250 to 350 К;
  • non-excluded systematic error: For installation А1 – 0,6%; for installation А 2 – 0,7%.
  • expanded uncertainty Up at coverage factor k = 2 ̶ 1%.

Sources of traceability:

Russia, FGUP «VNIIM D. I. Mendeleev», National primary standard of the units of thermal conductivity activity (GET 59-2007).

Scope of application:

Designed for storage, reproduction and transfer of thermal conductivity unit during metrological assurance of thermal conductivity measurements of hard materials in construction, power engineering, metallurgy, material science, electronics and machinery.

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