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National standard of magnetic induction of weak constant
magnetic field for the range from 1·10-4 Т to 5·10-2 Т

The standard is produced and is in operation since 2013











Standard composition:

  • source of magnetic induction (SMI), No 01;
  • magnetic induction standard, М-303, No 98364;
  • high-sensitive measuring instrument for magnetic induction, IMP-V, No 01;
  • measuring instruments for magnetic induction, Ш1-9 No 2295/2246 and Ш1-9 No 1602/1086;
  • power unit for the source of magnetic induction, regulated power supplies, Good Will GPR-6060D No E861151 and No EF912109;
  • power unit for the magnetic induction standard М-303 and compensating coils, regulated power supply Good Will GPR-3060D No EL874630;
  • multimeter Agilent 34410A NoMY47027464;
  • electric resistance coil Р 324, 1 Ohm nominal resistance, No 180100;
  • electric resistance coil Р 321, 0,1 Ohm nominal resistance, No 186623

Metrological characteristics:

  • Magnetic induction range: (0,1 - 50) mТ;
  • mean standard deviation: not higher than 0,02%;
  • residual systematic error is
  •     not higher than 0,3% for the range from 0,1 mТ to 25 mТ;
  •     not higher than 0,03% for the range from 25 mТ to 50 mТ;
  • total error is
  •      not higher than 0,3% for the range from 0,1 mТ to 25 mТ
  •      not higher than 0,05% for the range from 25 mТ to 50 mТ

 for confidential probability Р=0,99 and number of measurements п=10

Sources of traceability:

  • Ukraine, Kharkov, NNC „Institute of Metrology”, State primary standard for magnetic induction (DETU 0 - 01-96)
  • Russia, FSUE “All-Russian Research Institute of Metrology named after D.I.Mendeleev”, State primary standard for magnetic quantities (GET 12-91)

Scope of application:

  • machine building and machine tool building;
  • power machine building;
  • metal industry;
  • rail and pipeline transportation;
  • technical diagnostics;
  • instrument making;
  • medicine;
  • scientific applications


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