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National standard of combustion energy unit - joule

The standard is produced and is in operation since 2013


Standard composition:

  • liquid bomb calorimeter (comparator) with an isothermal jacket;
  • К-1 benzoic acid;
  • climatic chamber;
  • equipment for filling calorimetric bomb with oxygen;
  • press used to compress benzoic acid into pellets;
  • balance

The main parts of the standard include liquid bombing calorimeter and К-1 benzoic acid.

Metrological characteristics:

Measurement range or nominal value: from 5 kJ to 35 kJ

  • standard deviation of measurement results, S0, for N independent measurements: 4·10-5 (N=7)
  • residual systematic error: 5·10-5
  • relative standard uncertainty from type A evaluation, uoA: 4·10-5
  • relative standard uncertainty from type B evaluation, uoВ: 2,3·10-5
  • relative expanded uncertainty for coverage factor к=2, Up: 9·10-5

Sources of traceability:

  • Russia, FSUE “All-Russian Research Institute of Metrology named after D.I.Mendeleev”, State primary standard for combustion energy, specific combustion energy and volumetric combustion energy (GET 16-2010)

Scope of application:

  • metrological assurance of caloric measurements of fuel;
  • precision caloric measuring instruments used by research institutes in the field of energy-saving technologies, including bio-fuel technologies;
  • instruments used for scientific purposes (development of methods and instruments for thermal quantities measurements, certified reference substances used for calibration and verification of measuring instruments for thermophysical properties)





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