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National standard of the unit of radon volumetric activity in the air comprises


Standard composition:

  • ­ standard radon radiometer Alpha Guard PQ 2000;
  • ­ radon chamber «Radon-1» with the volume of 0,142 m3;
  • ­ radon chamber «Radon-2» with the volume of 3,087 m3;
  • ­ set of standard liquid radon generators, manufactured in VNIIM D. I. Men-deleev (Russia) and in NIST (USA), minimum and maximum activity salt solu-tions 226Ra equal to 49,4 Bq and 10,9 kBq accordingly;
  • ­ set of solid-state radon generators, manufactured by IFOX (Belarus);
  • ­ temperature and humidity meter IVTM-7R-МК;
  • ­ universal meter «Sosna-002» with measuring transducers of temperature and humidity IPTV-056 and measuring pressure transducer AIP-20-DA;
  • ­ rotameters RМ-А-0.25G-UZ;
  • ­ system of temperature conditioning and adjustment;
  • ­ tanks with air with no 222Rn;
  • ­ compressor.

Metrological characteristics:

  • ­ measuring range of volumetric activity unit for 222Rn in the air is from 20 to 105 Bq/m3;
  • ­ average standard error during transfer of volumetric activity unit of 222Rn in the air is 3 %;
  • ­ non-excluded systematic error – no greater than 5 %;
  • ­ long-term instability of the standard (per year) – no greater than 0,5 %.

Sources of traceability:

­ Russia, FGUP «VNIIM D. I. Mendeleev», National primary standard of the units of radionuclide activity (GET 6-95).


  • ­ metrological assurance of measuring instruments in the field of radiation protection in development and application of nuclear technologies;
  • ­ treatment and diagnostic purposes;
  • ­ environmental monitoring:
  • ­ development and exploitation of living and industrial spaces:
  • ­during radiometric control of construction materials, natural raw materials and recycled raw materials.


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