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National standard of the unit of electric capacity

The standard is produced and is in operation since 2010


  • a set of standard equipment for storage of the reference value of the electric capacity unit and loss-angle tangent: standard measures of electric capacity of АН11А series with capacity reference values – 10 and 100 pf;
  • a set of standard equipment for measurement of electric capacity by means of substitution, which consists of the multifrequent bridge of electric capacity of АН2700А series with the measuring range of electric capacity 1•10-12 - 1•10-3 F and frequency from 50 Hz to 20 kHz; eight-channel switching unit BK8х2, application program package for processing measurement results;
  • a set of standard equipment for storage and transfer of the unit of electric capacity and loss-angle tangent, which includes: storage of measures of loss-angle tangent with the nominal values of loss-angle tangent from 1•10-5 to 1; a set of one-valued standard measures of electric capacity of SCA series (11 pieces), with nominal values of capacity from 1 pF to 10 mF; standard multi-valued measure of electric capacity of НАСS-Z-A-9E series with the range of reproduction of capacity from 1 pF to 1000 uF; RLC-meter high-precision MNS 1100, the range of measurement of capacity at the frequency of 1 кГц from 1 • 10-17 to 10 F; loss-angle tangent from 1 • 10-5 to 1; standard temperature meter «STM»;
  • accessory equipment, necessary to heighten the level of stability of work of standard equipment, obtaining high-precision values of SD of measurements/research measurements, securing normal climatic service conditions and storage of the standard.

Metrological characteristics:

  • nominal values of electric capacity of the standard make up: 10 and 100 pF; frequency: 1 and 1,6 kHz;
  • the standard secures storage of the electric capacity with the standard deviation of the measurements result, not exceeding 1•10-6 – 1•10-5;
  • relative value of annual variation of electric capacity (instability) at frequency 1 kHz: 1•10-6 – 1•10-5

Sources of traceability:

“Ukrmetrteststandart” (Ukraine), РТВ (Germany), All-Russian Research Institute of Metrology (Russia), NMIJ (Japan), NCM (Bulgaria), KazInMetr (Kazakhstan), standard of unit of electric capacity

Scope of application:

  • storage of the unit of electric capacity as well as transfer of the unit to the subordinate standards and working means of measurement in accordance with local verification scheme;
  • securing uniformity of measurements, realizing metrological control in the field of measurement of electric capacity in the areas of industry, related to the priority directions of science and technology development, such as: nano-electronic technologies and microsensor sphere; power engineering; creation of composition materials and polymeric materials. Scope of application of the standard also covers radio communication, electronics and microelectronics, home video- and television equipment, radio engineering industry, machine engineering and machine tool industry, power engineering industry, non-destructive testing, scientific research.
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