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National standard of the unit of spectral sensitivity of radiation detectors

The standard is produced and is in operation since 2009

Standard composition:


  • beam splitter
  • receiver-marker
  • For monochromator graduation on the basis of wave length one should apply a set of sources of radiation with line spectrum, which is represented with spectral lamp of pin type Mercury-Neon № 6034, Mercury-Argon № 6035, Xenon № 6033 Oriel Instruments (USA).

The block of radiation receivers:

  • manually operated positioning devices with holders (standard receiver of optical radiation (SROR) (3 pieces);
  • automated positioning device with a holder (examined receiver of optical radiation (EROR);
  • automated movable platform, lighttight housing, video camera;
  • temperature sensors.

Trap-detectors SST-TRAP-С and SST-TRAP-D are produced by «Spectrum Detector Inc» (USA) on the basis of two silicon photodiodes of S1337 type (company «Hamamatsy», Japan)


Metrological characteristics:

  • spectral range from 350 to 1100 nm;
  • residual systematic error:

for the spectral range of 350 - 400 nm: = 0,180 %;
for the spectral range of 400 - 750 nm: = 0,009 %;
for the spectral range of 750 - 1100 nm: = 0,011 %;

  • expanded uncertainty of spectral sensitivity measurements:

for the spectral range of 350 - 400 nm: = 0,965 %;
for the spectral range of 400 - 750 nm: = 0,342 %;
for the spectral range of 750 - 1100 nm: = 0,373 %

  • expanded uncertainty values are given for the coverage factor = 1,65 with the confidence level Р = 0,95.


Sources of traceability:

USA, NIST; Slovakia, SMU


Scope of application:

The standard is intended to reproduce, maintain and transfer the size of the ssrd unit to subordinated standards and working measuring instruments (photometers, luxmeters, colorimeters etc.) to be used in instrument making, mechanical engineering, medicine, television technology, construction engineering and for scienific research in the area of photometry, spectrophotometry and colorimetry.


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