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National standard of the length unit - meter in the field of attestation of radiation sources and measuring instruments for measure wave lengths 0, 63 mcm

The standard is created and is in operation since 2003

Standard composition:

  • He-Ne/J2 laser system;
  • a measuring set for the certification of the sources of radiation, it consists of:
  • spectrum analyzer Е4401В;
  • frequence meter 43-64/1;
  • power meter of optical radiation «LASERMATE-Q»;
  • a set of optical elements;
  • a set of adjusting devices;
  • photodetectors LFD2;
  • current amplifier UZ-40;
  • cable М31 L01;
  • optical insulator of Faraday, model 15/632-7;
  • oscillograph С1-76;
  • beam table with pneumatic shock isolation system;
  • PC with software for monitoring the process of measurement and processing of measurement results

Metrological characteristics:

  • length of optical radiation wave 633 nm;
  • expanded uncertainty value – 24 khz (k=2;р=95%)

Sources of traceability:

Russia, FSUE “All-Russian Research Institute of Metrology named after D.I. Mendeleyev”, State primary standard of the length and meter unit (GET 2-98)

Scope of application:

  • fundamental research;
  • verification and calibration laboratories;
  • Institutes of the National Academy of Sciences;
  • machine-building industry;
  • instrumentmaking


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