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National standard of voltage unit - Volt

The standard is produced and is in operation since 2002

Standard composition:

standard means of reproduction and measurement of voltage on the basis of a microcircuit with 19700 Josephson barriers (Supracon), including:

  • cryoprobe and Gann oscillator for 75 GHz;
  • Dewar vessel with liquid helium;
  • Controlling computer;
  • electronic unit (including power-supply source);
  • three-channel polarity reverser;
  • null detector on nano-voltmeter 2182А (Keithley);
  • frequence meter 578V (EIP Microwave);
  • satellite antenna;
  • automated work place with two groups of thermostabilized standards elements (for reproduction and storage of the voltage unit);
  • voltage measures 732V, 7000N and H4 -100 for the levels 1 - 10 V (for storage of voltage unit);
  • equipment for transfer of voltage unit till 1000 V, including calibrator 5720А, engine 752А, voltmeter 3458А and a polarity reverser P309.

Metrological characteristics:

  • Reproducible voltage values: from -10 till + 10 V.
  • Average quadratic error of voltage reproducibility – does not exceed 1 10-9 V at n = 40 х 8 independent observations.
  • Non-excluded systematic error – does not exceed 1 10-9 V.
  • Calibration uncertainty of secondary standards is determined by the noise of these standards. In the best of them (type 732V) it approximately makes for 10 V – about 100 nV, while for 1 V – about 20 nV.

BelGIM calibration and measurement capabilities (СМС) in the field of direct current voltage measurements are included into Attachment С of the Agreement on mutual recognition of national standards, calibration and measurement certificates (CIPM MRA) and published on International Bureau of Weights and Measures website.

СМС voltage

 Sources of traceability:

Russia, FSUE “All-Russian Research Institute of Metrology named after D.I. Mendeleyev”, State primary standard of the voltage unit

Scope of application:

In industrial fields and in fundamental research related to priority directions of science and technique development:

  • energy,
  • information technology,
  • electronics,
  • manufacturing technologies,
  • instrumentmaking,
  • nanoelectronic technologies and microsensorics,
  • medical equipment,
  • space research


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