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National standard of the unit of molar fraction of natural gas components in gas mixtures

Developed and operated since 2008

Standard composition:

  • a set of analytical equipment consisting of two complexes: gravimetric on the basis of mass comparator ССЕ 40К3 (“Sartorius”, Germany) and chromatographic on the basis of gas specialized chromatographs НР-6890N (“Agilent Technology”, USA) and «Crystal – 5000» («Chromatech», Russia);
  • a set of technological equipment consisting of a device for gas mixing DGM with digital pressure gages and a device of thermo-vacuum preparation of balloons for their filling with natural gas components in gas mixtures (artificial imitators of main gas pipeline);
  • a set of certified pure gases and standard gas mixtures on their basis: methane (СН4), ethane (С2Н6), propane (С3Н8), isobutane (i-С4Н10), normal-butane (n-С4Н10), neopentane (neo-С5Н12), isopentane (i-С5Н12), normal-pentane (n-С5Н12), normal-hexane (n-С6H14), carbon dioxide (СО2), hydrogen (Н2), nitrogen (N2), oxygen (О2), helium (Не) in balloons under pressure 3 – 15 MPa

BelGIM calibration and measurement capabilities of the standard of molar fraction of natural gas components in gas mixtures are supported by the results of international key comparisons by CООМЕТ, registered in the international database KCDB BIPM СООМЕТ.QM-23b.

Sources of traceability:

Russia, FSUE “All-Russian Research Institute of Metrology named after D.I. Mendeleyev”, State primary standard of units of molar and mass concentration of components in gas environment (GET 154-01)

Metrological characteristics:

Component determined


Range of reproduction of the molar fraction unit size ,%


Relative extended uncertainty of measurement at unit reproduction, %, k=3


from to
Methane (СН4) 77,0 – 99,0 0,1 0,03
Ethane (С2Н6) 0,10 – 13,0 1,0 0,03
Propane (С3Н8) 0,002 – 4,0 0,5 0,06
Isobutane (i-С4Н10) 0,0001 – 0,40 10 0,7




0,0001 - 1,0 10 0,3
Isopentane (i-С5Н12) 0,0001 – 0,130 10 0,3




0,0001 – 0,15 10 0,3
Neo-pentane (neo-С5Н12) 0,0001 – 0,05 10 0,3




0,0001 – 0,065 10 3,0
Carbon dioxide (СО2) 0,020 – 1,65 0,5 0,2
Nitrogen (N2) 0,73 – 3,0 0,3 0,1
Oxygen (О2) 0,004 – 0,15 10 3,0
Hydrogen (Н2) 0,005 – 0,5 10 2,0
Helium (Не) 0,005 – 0,5 10 2,0

СМС in chemistry

Scope of application:

the production and certification of standard samples of natural gas composition – verification and calibration gas mixtures (GSOPG), which are applied for verification and calibration of gas-analytical means of measurement of all types in chemical, oil processing, gas and extractive industry, heat power engineering and communal industry, in quality control of natural gas (heat-producing value, solidity etc.) in accordance with interstate standards GOST 31371 (p.1–7), GOST 31369.

The standard secures reproduction of the unit of molar fraction of natural gas components (14 substances) with an indicated in the table extended uncertainty in 10 independent measurements with the coverage ratio k=3 at confidence coefficient 0,99.

3 types of GSOPG are included into the register measuring equipment of the Republic of Belarus under № GSO RB 2148-09, 2149-09, 1648-10



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