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National standard of the unit of components molar fraction in gas mixtures

The standard is created and is in operation since 2004

Standard composition:

A complex of analytical equipment:

  • a standard gravimetric complex for reproduction of molar fraction unit Н2, СО, СО2 , С3Н8 , СН4 and О2 in nitrogen with the help of weight method according to international standard ISO 6142 on the basis of mass-comparator КА10-3/Р produced by «Mettler-Toledo» (Switzerland) and an installation for gas mixing with digital pressure gage of 0,05 precision class for dosing gas components into pressure vessels under pressure;
  • standard gas-analytical set on the basis of chromatograph HP-6890 (Agilent Technology, USA), «Crystal-2000M» and «Crystal-lux-4000» («Chromatech» and «Meta-Chrom», Russia), optical-acoustic gas analyzer GIAM -14, GIAM-15 and coulometric hygrometer “Baikal -5ts” (FSUE Smolensk “Analitpribor” and Angarsk OKBA, Russia) for certification of reference pure gases and standard gas mixtures, carrying out comparisons of comparison standards of other countries, stability research of reference standards of gas composition and transfer of unit of components molar fraction in gas mixtures from the standard of zero range to working standards

A set of technological equipment:

  • hydrogen purification unit till content of base material reaches 99,9995 molar fraction, %;
  • roller system for homogenizing of the prepared gas mixtures;
  • the device of thermo-vacuum preparation of balloons before dosage into them components of gas mixtures;
  • a set of certified pure gases (Н2, СО, СО2, СН4, С3Н8 и О2 ) and standard gas mixtures, indicated components, in nitrogen in balloons under pressure 5–10 MPa

Metrological characteristics:

  • the range of molar fraction of gas mixtures (hydrogen, carbonic oxide, carbon dioxide, methane, propane and oxygen) – 0, 01 - 99,90 %;
  • value of relative expanded uncertainty of measurements – 1,0 - 0,05 % (k=2; Р=95%)

Sources of traceability:

Russia, FSUE “All-Russian Research Institute of Metrology named after D.I. Mendeleyev”, State primary standard of the units of molar and mass concentrations of components in gas medium (GET 154-01)

Scope of application:

Producing, attestation of reference materials of gas mixture components (SRM-PGS) for:

  • verification and calibration of gas analyzers of all types, including gas chromatographs;
  • measuring installations and systems in chemical, oil processing, gas and food industry, heat power engineering, in Ministry of Health system, in monitoring of environment and air of working area.


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