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National standard of plane angle - degree

The standard is produced and is in operation since 2000

 Standard composition:

  • goniometer GS-1L with ring laser;
  • a set of polygonal prisms: 8 faces, 24 faces, 36 faces;
  • PC with software for measuring process monitoring and processing of measurement results

 Metrological characteristics:

  • the range of reproductive values of plane angle unit – 0° - 360°;
  • Standard deviation of error random component of reproduction of plane angle unit – 0,03”;
  • non-excluded systematic component of error of reproduction of plane angle unit – 0,11”

Sources of traceability:

Russia, FSUE “All-Russian Research Institute of Metrology named after D.I. Mendeleyev”, State primary standard of plane angle (GET 22-80)

 Scope of application:

  • basic scientific research;
  • machine engineering;
  • instrument engineering;
  • transport;
  • building;
  • geodesy and cartography;
  • science;
  • verification and calibration laboratories


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