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National standard of alternative current voltage unit within the frequency range from 10 Hz to 2 GHz

The standard is created and is in operation since 1995

Standard composition:

  • a set of thermal converters of voltage PNTE-10А;
  • a set of thermal converters of voltage PNTE -13 and PNTE-14;
  • voltage switch converter FLUKE 792A;
  • multimeter FLUKE 8508А;
  • measuring instrument FLUKE 5790А-03;
  • calibrator FLUKE 5720А-03;
  • amplifier of voltage and intensity of alternate current FLUKE 5725А;
  • high frequency generator WW 2572А;
  • calibrator Н5-4;
  • double-channel nano voltage meter Agilent 34420А;
  • thermistor converter PTV-6;
  • device for checking voltage meters and calibrators В1-18;
  • microwave oscillator Agilent N5181A

Metrological characteristics:

  • frequency range – from 10 Hz to 2 GHz;
  • voltage range – from 1 μV to 1000 V;
  • standard combined error at measurement value n=10 and confidence coefficient Р=0,99 makes up (0,0015 – 1,2) %.

Sources of traceability:

Russia, FSUE “All-Russian Research Institute of Metrology named after D.I. Mendeleyev”,

  • State special standard of the unit of electrical voltage within the frequency range 30 - 3000 MHz (GET 27-82);
  • State special standard of the voltage alternating current within the frequency range 20 – 3•107 Hz (GET 89-75)

 Capabilities of the standard allow to carry out metrological control of the following measuring devices:

  • voltage converter;
  • voltage calibrators of alternate current;
  • voltage meters of alternating current;
  • diode compensation voltmeter (В3-49, В3-63);
  • other measuring devices with the function of measurement or reproduction of voltage alternating current (generators, spectrum analyzer etc.)

Scope of application:

  • industrial enterprises;
  • basic research, related to priority directions of science and technology development;
  • power engineering (the development of power supply system, energy saving and efficient use of energy);
  • electronics;
  • instrument-making industry;
  • natural management and ecology (environmental monitoring, space research);
  • technologic production cycles; communication (securing high frequency quality of radio communications including mobile); information technology


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