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National standard of units: time – second, frequency – hertz, and timescale

National standard is produced and is in operation since 1995

Standard composition:

  • equipment for reproduction and storage of time and frequency units Ч1-80, VCH-1005 and VCH-1006;
  • equipment for storage of working timescales, standard frequencies and signal multiplication (СРС);
  • equipment for internal comparisons, including signal switching, multiplication and control arrangement, automated time-and-frequency measuring system (VCH-011) and two automated measuring systems based on frequency comparators (VCH-314, Ч7-308С)
  • equipment for external comparisons by means of satellite channels GPS/GLONASS;
  • equipment for standard securing, which includes the system of autonomous backup electric power supply;
  • signal shaper for time check with the purpose of standard time signal of increased informativity “6 points” transmission on Belarusian radio;
  • time server VCH-404

Metrological characteristics:

  • standard frequencies range: 1 Hz, 5 MHz, 10 MHz, 100 MHz, 2.048 MHz;
  • relative error of reproduction of frequency unit, expressed in the form of standard deviations of measurement results in the process of daily comparisons with time and frequency national standard of Russia does not exceed 5•10-13;
  • timescale distortion UTC (BY), kept by the standard with the timescale UTС (SU) of Russia – not more than ± 2 µs

BelGIM calibration and measurement capabilities (СМС) in the field of time and frequency measurements are included into Attachment С of the Agreement on mutual recognition of national standards, calibration and measurement certificates (CIPM MRA) and published on International Bureau of Weights and Measures website, as well as are confirmed by the results of international comparisons of СООМЕТ.TF.15/RU-a/92 and CCTF- K001.UTC.

СМС time and frequency

Sources of traceability:

  • France, BIPM;
  • Russia, FSUE «All-Russian Research Institute of Physicotechnical and Radiotechnical Measurements», State standard of time and frequency;
  • Ukraine, National Science Center «Institute of Metrology»;
  • Lithuania, Lithuanian standardization department;
  • Kazakhstan, RSE “KazInMetr”

Scope of application:

  • basic scientific research;
  • high-precision global navigation GPS/GLONNAS;
  • broadband channels of communications;
  • verification and calibration of time and frequency measuring devices;
  • satellite geodesy and cartography;
  • television and radiobroadcasting;
  • land, sea, air transport;
  • seismic service;
  • system capacity management;
  • satellite geodesy and cartography;
  • television and radiobroadcasting;
  • synchronization of timescales in energy systems


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