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The standard was established and is in operation since 2008

The composition of the standard device:

  • a set of measurement instruments for measurement of the levels of sound pressure;
  • a set of acoustic and mechanical communications chambers;
  • a set of measurement instruments of general radio-technical purpose;
  • test echo-free chamber meant for checking-up electroacoustic characteristics of hearing devices

Metrological characteristics:

  • the range of measurement frequencies:
  • according to air conduction, from 125 to 20 000 Hz;
  • according to bone conduction from 250 to 8 000 Hz;
  • dynamic range of measurements – not less than 130 dB;
  • reduced error of pressure measurement ± 1,5%;
  • the range of pressure measurement from -600 daPa to + 400 daPa;
  • error in measurement of sound pressure level in acoustic communications chamber — not more than ± 0,5 dB within the frequency range to 2 kHz and ± 1,0 dB within the frequency range of more than 2 kHz

Sources of traceability:

Russia, FSUE “National Research Institute for Physicotechnical and Radio Engineering Measurements”, State primary standard of the sound pressure unit, Pa, in air medium (GET 19-94)

Scope of application:

Standard complex is meant for:

  • verification of the parameters of tone audiometers according to air and bone conduction, speech, high-frequency and impedance audiometers (tympanometers), corresponding to the requirements of the standards IEC 60645 (parts 1,2,4 and 5);
  • checking of electroacoustic parameters of the rehabilitation electronic hearing devices of air and bone conduction, for compliance with the requirements of the standards IEC 60118 (part 7) and STB GOST Р 51024-97


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