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National standard of the length unit for the measurement of parameters of gear wheels

The standard was established and is in operation since 2010

Standard composition:

  • Coordinate measurement machine PRISMO®ultra with the inbuilt turning table, which includes:

- calibration sphere 30 mm;

- standard set KMG-CHECK in order to determine metrological characteristics of the machine and the turning table;

  • probe scanning head VAST gold®:

- a set of probes for measurement of small and big details, parameters of gear wheels;

- multi-sensory storage device for automatic change of probes

  • software

- CALIPSO 5.0 – basic software for measurement of devices of complicated geometric shape

- GEAR PRO 3.4 involute – software for measurement of straight-toothed and helical cylinder escape wheels;

- GEAR PRO 3.4 bevel – software for measurement of bevel wheels;

- CMM-Check – software for measurement of standard set KMG-CHECK

Metrological characteristics:

The name of the characteristic Characteristic value
The range of measurement, mm

X 900

Y 1300

Z 700

The limit of the total absolute error, mcm ± (0,6+L/500)

Sources of traceability

“All-Russian scientific research institute of metrological service” (Russia), State special standard of the length unit for the parameters of the evolvement surface and the helix angle (GET 165-2004)

Scope of application

  • machine engineering;
  • instrument-making;
  • medicine;
  • metrology


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