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National standard of the strength unit of electromagnetic oscillations

The standard was established and is in operation since 2010

Standard composition:

The standard of strength unit of electromagnetic oscillations (SSUEO) is a set of measurement devices, which includes:

  • measurement system of strength reproduction – signal generator of microwave range Е8257D, a set of coaxial-to-waveguide transition, microwave commutators 8765D, 8769М, control module of microwave commutator 11713А;
  • measurement section and measurement complex of transfer of the size of strength unit – converters of absorbed power М1130A, М1135A, М1107-8, converters of feedthrough power F1130, F1109H, F1135, 1107-8, absorbed power meter Е4418В with a power sensor Е9301В, two-channel power meter 1806А, digital multimeters 3458А, relay commutator 34970А with 34903А module.
  • accessory equipment and a life support system– air conditioner, temperature and humidity meters, electric power supply system with an uninterruptible power supply unit.
  • a set of dynamic range extenders – microwave power amplifiers 83006А, 1727А, 83020А, 83050А, amplifier 30S1G3.
  • measurement system for the assessment of the для оценки quality of plant of microwave tracts – scalar network analyzer consisting of: control unit 8757D, directed bridge 85027D, detectors 85025D, power splitters 11667С.

measuring bench of wattmeter units verification at the equivalent resistance

Metrological characteristics:

  • Power reproduction within the range from 0,1 to 100,0 mW within the range of frequencies from 0,3 to 37,5 GHz;
  • confidential relative error of electromagnetic oscillations power reproduction – 1,2•10-2 - 2,5•10-2;
  • relative error of the frequency setting at the reproduction of power unit of the electromagnetic oscillations ± 1 %

Sources of traceability:

FSUE “All-Russian Research Institute of physicotechnical and radio technical measurements” (Russia), standard wattmeter from among State standard GET 26-94

Scope of application:

Control of the strength level of electromagnetic oscillations in:

  • radio broadcasting,
  • instrument-making,
  • power engineering,
  • communications,
  • medicine,
  • electronics,
  • metrology,
  • computing machinery


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