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Role of BelGIM in Accreditation System

BelGIM acted as notified accreditation body for verification, testing and calibration laboratories till 01/09/2010. It has relevant experience since 1994 (accreditation certificate № BY/112 Now we are going to perform as PT-provider for calibration laboratories and, in the long run, for testing laboratories according to ISO IEC 17043.


Responsibilities will include:

  • development, organization and performance of PT schemes (interlaboratory comparisons);
  • providing of necessary information on accreditation issues and technical capabilities of laboratories;
  • consultations on issues of the application of normative documents;
  • providing consultative and methodical assistance during development of quality systems of verification, testing and calibration laboratories as well as in their preparation for accreditation in the Accreditation System of the Republic of Belarus.

Our objectives are:

  • to achieve traceability of measurements and provide confidence to the results of  tests, verification and calibration, as well as recognition of these results within the framework of bilateral agreements by notified bodies of the European Union and internationally, as well;
  • to perform the tasks indicated by the State regulation bodies of the Republic of Belarus, that correspond to the state policy to increase the quality of life;
  • to facilitate recognition of the competence of laboratories accredited in accordance with harmonized international documents. 
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