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Attestation of products conformity to the EC Directives and application of CE-mark

Application of CE-mark certifies that:

  • the products conform to the requirements of fundamental Directives of European Community for New and Global Approach,
  • in relation to these products the corresponding procedures of conformity attestation are fulfilled,
  • these products may be placed and/or put into operation on the territory of the countries that are Members of European Community.

BelGIM has signed:

Agreement on cooperation with - Czech Institute for testing and certification (ITC),

Agreements on cooperation with:

  • Institute of construction, mechanization and electrification of rural economy (Republic of Poland),
  • Center for certification of electronic equipment «Certica» (Lithuania).

BelGIM performs attestation of conformity to the EC Directives for the following products:

  • medical technique products, medical equipment;
  • toys;
  • construction materials;
  • means of personal protection;
  • electrical devices;
  • machinery engineering products;
  • equipment working under pressure;
  • quality management systems.

Nowadays BelGIM performs the works for attestation of the products conformity to the EC Directives and obtaining the right for CE-mark, ensures interaction between Belarussian manufacturers and notified bodies, that are located in European Union.

Notified bodies, with which BelGIM cooperates, recognize the results of the tests performed in accredited BelGIM laboratories during attestation of products conformity to the EC Directives for obtaining the right to apply CE-mark.

The body for management system certification

Is accredited by:

  • National accreditation body of the Republic of Belarus (accreditation certificate № BY/ 112 003.01)

The body performs certification of the following:

  • quality management systems;
  • systems of management of the food stuffs quality on the basis of HACCP principles;
  • environment management systems;
  • labour protection management systems.

Certification of the organization management is performed for compliance to the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2009, STB ISO/TU 16949-2003, STB ISO 14001-2005, STB 18001-2009, STB ISO 22000-2006, STB 1470-2004.

The body provides:

  • Consultative and methodical support for organizations in the field of development and implementation of management systems.

Body for certification of products, services and personnel

Accredited in the Accreditation System of the Republic of Belarus (accreditation certificate №ВY/112

The certification body performs the works in the following fields according to the field of its accreditation:

  • certification of products batch;
  • certification of products manufactured in batches;
  • registration of conformity declarations for products batch;
  • registration of conformity declarations for products manufactured in batches;
  • certification of services;
  • recognition of foreign conformity certificates issued;
  • making copies of conformity certificates;
  • preparation of written conclusions to rate the products to be the subjects of conformity assessment;
  • carrying out of the works for assessment of the products conformity to the Directives of the European Community with the aim to apply CE-mark;
  • certification of forest products and products of their reprocessing according to the origin features;
  • certification of services for examination of consumers of fuel-energy resources;
  • checking whether conditions for use of „Bioproduct“ mark are met;
  • deciding whether information on product labels complies with the National normative documents of the Republic of Belarus;
  • issue of a common Customs Union certificate of conformity for products included into the Customs Union Unified List of products subject to mandatory conformity assessment


Field of accreditation:

  • food stuffs;
  • tobacco products;
  • agricultural products;
  • products, that are used for animals feeding;
  • perfumery and cosmetic products;
  • household chemical goods;
  • desinfecting products;
  • forest products and products of their processing;
  • construction materials and products;
  • construction work and services
  • paint-and-lacquer materials;
  • furniture;
  • household electric appliances;
  • hand-held electromechanical tools;
  • household radioelectronic apparatus;
  • gaming machines;
  • lighting equipment;
  • household apparatus which uses solid, liquid or gaseous fuel;
  • cables;
  • parts and accessories of mechanical vehicles;
  • agricultural, road-building machinery and equipment, other machinery;
  • toys, baby goods, baby bicycles and carriages;
  • containers, package and package materials, closures;
  • crockery;
  • light industry goods, casual and specialized footwear;
  • industrial clothing, personal protection devices;
  • services for maintenance of vehicles;
  • services for repair and technical maintenance of cash summarizing registers;
  • services for repair and technical maintenance of household radioelectronic apparatus, electrical equipment and devices;
  • hairdressing services;
  • chemical cleaning and coloration services;
  • laundering services;
  • tourist services;
  • hotel services;
  • services for examination of fuel-energy resource consumers.
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