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State service of reference materials of the Republic of Belarus

Belarussian State Institute of Metrology performs the functions of SSRM Head Organization   In the field of normative and methodical assurance:

  • Participates in development of projects and revision of technical normative legal acts (TNLA) and methodical documents laying down basic provisions, rules, technical requirements, norms and procedures necessary for development, producing and application of RM;
  • Takes part in creation and actualization of the fund TNLA SSRM as well of the fund of international normative documents and publications;
  • Performs metrological expertise and preparation of replies for TNLA projects relating to the development, producing and application of RM.

In the field of scientific and methodical assurance:

  • Performs analysis and creation of perspective directions for basic fields of SSRM activity, including international cooperation;
  • Develops proposals for improvement of metrological assurance taking into account of applicable and newly developed RM;
  • Determines criteria for assessment of works quality and participates in accreditation of testing laboratories performing analytical measurements with the use of RM;
  • Performs metrological expertise of the SSTP assignments relating to the development and using of RM.

In the field of creation of the SSRM technical base:

  • Develops proposals and participates in the development of RMs of new types;
  • Organizes and carries out interlaboratory tests with the use of RM;

SSRM includes : 

  • State Committee for standardization, metrology and certification of the Republic of Belarus,
  • head organization of SSRM,
  • metrological services of Ministries and Departments,
  • territorial Bodies of Gosstandart,
  • base organizations


  • Performs the works for approval (recognition) of RMs of new types and extends validity periods of certificates for RM;
  • Extends validity periods of RM of metals and alloys.

In the field of information assurance:

  • Develops the fund of documents of State Register of RM;
  • Performs maintaining of the database «State Register of Measuring Instruments of the Republic of Belarus, Part 2, Reference materials», including consultations on the order of subscription and information services provided to RM developers and consumers, bodies for laboratories accreditation and products certification, as well as to other interested organizations;
  • Prepares information material on issues of development, producing and using of RM for its further publication in public press, and performs publication of the list of the RM approved and registered in the State Register of RM types;
  • Develops proposals for seminars and conferences organizing; Maintain the list of addresses of information resources of the global information network of state RM services and top RM-developers.

In the field of international activity:

  • Takes part in the works of international organizations ISO REMCO, MGS CIS, COOMET;
  • Maintains bilateral scientific and technical cooperation in the field of RM development with international organization;
  • Develops proposals for joining to the Agreements on RM acceptance;
  • Develops proposals on carrying out international interlaboratory comparisons SRMs are developed and produced according to the requirements of STB 8005-2000 and international documents ISO Guide 30-35.

BelGIM performs development of reference materials:

  • SRM of gas mixtures compound (verification gas mixtures);
  • 35 of those are included in the Register of Intergovernmental reference materials;
  • SRM of specific activity of radionuclides of cesium-137, potassium-40, strontium-90 in dry milk, rape and wheat that are included in the Register of Intergovernmental reference materials and in the Register of International Organization COOMET.
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