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Reference standard of the length unit in the field of surface roughness measurements

Developed and operated since 2008

Standard composition:

  • measuring system Form Taysurf i120 produced by «Taylor Hobson» (England);
  • calibration hemispheres with the radius 12,5 mm and 80 mm;
  • a set of standard measures with a periodic profile, single-line scale of roughness height;
  • portable profilometer Mitutoyo SJ-201 for measuring parameters of roughness of large-sized products and products made of wood;
  • The basis of the standard is a measuring system “Form Talysurf” with inductive unsupported sensors.


Reference standard of the length unit

Metrological characteristics:
Range of measuring of roughness parameters, related to the tall unevenness properties, mcm from 0,01 to 1000
Average quadratic error of measurement results, % 0,1
Non-excluded systematic error does not exceed, % 0,4
Limits of relative overall error δ, % ± 0,5
Error at measuring the radius of the circular arc, %:
from 0,1 to 22 mm;
from 22 to 1000 mm.
from 1 to 0,015
from 0,02 to 0,1
Error at measuring of the deviation of circular arc form, mcm ≤ 0,25

BelGIM calibration and measurement capabilities (СМС) in the field of geometric variables measurements are included into Attachment С of the Agreement on mutual recognition of national standards, calibration and measurement certificates (CIPM MRA) and published on International Bureau of Weights and Measures website.

 Sources of traceability:

  • England, NPL;
  • Russia, FSUE «All-Russian scientific research Institute of metrological service», State special standard of the length unit in the field of surface roughness parameters measurement (GET 113-77)

Scope of application:

  • testing, verification and calibration laboratories;
  • engineering tools;
  • transport;
  • cabinet-making;
  • production of medical equipment;
  • instrument-making


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