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Reference standard of the unit of scale transformation of voltage and strength of alternative current at the frequency of 50 Hz

The standard is created and is in operation since 2006

the unit of scale transformation of voltage

Standard composition:

Constructively, the standard is a portable laboratory, equipped with the following set of equipment:

  • loading transformer LT-10;
  • current converter I564/1 device for verification of K535 transformers as a set: comparator of I562 type and a measuring device of F5304 type;
  • conductance box Р5054/1 , Р5054/2;
  • standard of the scale transformation of voltage coefficient KTG110-I;
  • standard of the scale transformation of voltage coefficient NOMO-15-I;
  • transformer ТМ-18/10-IU2;
  • resistance box Р5018/5;
  • PC

Means of measurement that are included into standard composition and accessory equipment (conditioner, control unit) are situated on “Volkswagen T5” car with a trailer unit.

Metrological characteristics:

- measurement ranges:

  • voltage of alternating current – (3-110) kV/(100; 100/√3) V;
  • alternating current force – (0,5-3000)/5 А.

- accuracy of measurements:

  • voltage of alternating current – ±0,1%;
  • alternating current force – ±0,005 %.

- standart deviation:

  • according to the scale transformation coefficient – 5•10-5;
  • according to angle error – 0,3′

Sources of traceability:

Ukraine, SE «All Ukrainian state scientific and production center of standardization, metrology, certification and consumer protection» (Ukrmetrteststandart), State standard of the units of electric voltage of alternating current and STEV coefficient

Scope of application:

  • industry, power engineering, energy saving technologies and energy resources accounting in their manufacturing, transferring and use;
  • for attestation, verification and calibration of scale transformers of voltage and current;
  • interstate mutual payments in the process of electric power transmission


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