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Reference standard of the length unit in the field of measurements of deviations from straightforwardness and flatness

The standard is created and is in operation since 2001

Reference standard of the length unit

Standard composition:

  • measuring bridge VET-130-4-81;
  • measuring system «WYLER» which consists of:

- electronic level MINILEVEL NT № 262;

- electronic level MINILEVEL NT № 263;

- indicating balancing device LEVELMETER 2000;

  • measuring carriage;
  • PC for processing of measurement results

 Metrological characteristics:

  • bridge length — 3 m;
  • deviation from straightforwardness of the working surface of the bridge — 4,3 mcm;
  • instability over 2 years — 0,20 mcm

BelGIM calibration and measurement capabilities (СМС) in the field of geometric variables measurements are included into Attachment С of the Agreement on mutual recognition of national standards, calibration and measurement certificates (CIPM MRA) and published on International Bureau of Weights and Measures website

 Sources of traceability:

Russia, UNIIM, State special standard of deviation from straightforwardness and flatness

Scope of application:

  • machinery;
  • transport;
  • construction;
  • verification and calibration laboratory


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