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Information inquiry fund

Information inquiry fund includes:

  • Technical normative legal acts in the field of technical normalization and standardization;
  • Documents on metrology;
  • Automated databases;
  • Information indexes, catalogues and card indexes.

BelGIM offers to the subjects of management the following services:

  • Information services on the fund
  • Providing copies of the fund documents;
  • Actualization of the funds of subjects of management.

BelGIM is the Republican Head Organization for Standardization in the field of Metrology (GOSM)

GOSM performs:

  • Planning and development of technical normative legal acts and of other documents on metrology;
  • Organization of the work of the National technical committee for standardization, TC6 "Standardization in the field of Metrology";
  • Metrological attestation of the draft documents on metrology;
  • Registration and maintaining of the fund of documents on metrology;
  • Maintaining of the fund of documents in the Intrnational Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML).
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