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Scientific research in the field of legal and theoretical metrology, as well as scientific and technical programs

System research includes performing analysis as well as implementing new approaches to resolving theoretical and practical metrological tasks:

• Development of scientific and methodological basis of the measurements uniformity assurance system;

• Development of a concept and tasks of the scientific and technical program "Standards of Belarus", program realization and maintenance;

• Study of international working experience in different spheres of measurements;

• Normalization of metrological characteristics of measuring instruments;

• Study of the state of measurements in industries and development of programs for metrological assurance improvement;

• Study and introduction in practice of theoretical developments in the field of metrology;

• Metrological examination of scientific and technical programs and projects.

The following research and application works are performed:

• Organization and carrying out state testing of measuring instruments with the aim of their type approval;

• Examination of the materials of state testing of measuring instruments, carried out in other countries with the aim of their recognition;

• Tests and metrological confirmation of the software for measurements processing and automation;

• Registration of enterprises for the right to perform measuring instruments repair and verification;

• Organization and carrying out reference materials certification;

• Maintenance of the State Register of Measuring Instruments of the Republic of Belarus;

• Information services for legal entities and individuals relating to the State Register of Measuring Instruments of the Republic of Belarus (subscription service and providing information upon separate requests);

• Coordination of cooperation with international and regional metrological organizations.

Our work is aimed at meeting our customers’ needs. We seek to use modern methods and technologies of data and information processing, which contribute to the promptness of works performed and to ensuring our customer’s confidence.


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